Chinese Gov’t Stipulates Selection of TV Dramas for 100 Days, No to Certain Historical and Idol Dramas

Chinese Gov’t Stipulates Selection of TV Dramas for 100 Days, No to Certain Historical and Idol Dramas
China will mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China on October 1. To better celebrate the event, the National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) has released a notice to launch a ‘100 Day Broadcast’ planned from the month of August onwards that will bring focus to its keynote dramas.

During the 100-day period, historical dramas and idol dramas that have too much entertainment value cannot be broadcasted. NRTA has also released 86 dramas for broadcasters to choose from in making their drama acquisitions. According to the notice, the recommendations are reflective of the grand struggles of the Chinese people to stand up and become strong as well as the courageous pursuits for the new generation.

Dramas you may recognize from the list include:
The Best of Times starring Chen Xingxu and Hu Bingqing 
On the Road starring Liu Ye and Ma Yili 
Hello Prosecutor starring Sun Yi and Zhang Haowei 
Great Age starring Feng Shaofeng and Yuan Shanshan
Wait in Beijing starring Li Yifeng and Maggie Jiang
Healer of Children starring Olivia Wang and Chen Xiao 
One Boat One World starring Zhang Han and Wang Likun
Fighting Youth starring Wu Jinyan and Yin Tao 
Unstoppable Youth starring Yu Menglong and Miao Miao 
If Time Flows Back starring Jin Dong and Jiang Xin 
The Moon Doesn’t Understand My Heart starring Victoria Song and Oho Ou 
New World starring Sun Honglei and Zhang Luyi 
Sniper starring Huang Xuan and Chen He 
Fearless Whispers starring Li Yifeng and Gina Jin 
Awakening of Insects (Sparrow 2) starring Zhang Ruoyun and Wang Ou

I can’t say that I didn’t see this coming. This summer has seen an onslaught of dramas from cute rom-coms, gaming themes to your favorite historical dramas that generally don’t seem to sit well with censorship. Yet, everything managed to air as if rushing to beat a deadline. With the upcoming 70th anniversary, the landscape for drama airings for the latter half of the year were likely to sing a different tune and this just confirms it. 

As a big fan of historicals, this is obviously disappointing. The notice specifically mentions TV dramas so perhaps web dramas are not affected. It’s also not clear if this plan for August only applies to future broadcasts because I’m a bit worried for Novoland: Eagle Flag which airs on TV. As long as existing dramas get to finish airing, I can live with this and I pray that it really is just 100 days. 
What do you think of the planned dramas for the next 3 months? Did any make your watch list?

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