Chae Soo Bin and Jung Hae In to Star in Half of Half

Chae Soo Bin and Jung Hae In to Star in Half of Half
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It’s always nice to have a familiar face around and that’s exactly what we can expect in upcoming tvN drama Half of Half because it brings together two friendly faces we’ve come to love on the small screens: Chae Soo Bin and Jung Hae In

Chae Soo Bin plays an orphaned classical recording engineer, Han Seo Woo. She’s quite peculiar because, while others tend to drink or binge watch a movie when facing difficulties, this heroine likes to solve math problems instead. Yikes! Just thinking about Math makes me cringe. Meanwhile, it has long been rumored that Jung Hae In will star in this series and today has seen that rumor confirmed! He’ll take on the role of Artificial Intelligence programmer named Ha Won. Is it just me or are you also reminded of Chae Soo Bin’s previous role as Aji-3 because of the AI thing? Just me? Okay. Sorry, just a big fan of it. 

Anyway, Ha Won is very dedicated to his work and has this belief that even just a small portion of his significant other’s heart (thus, the title?) is enough for him. He then creates an AI version of himself and from there, the story unfolds. 

By funny coincidence, this casting makes me quite sentimental since I discovered both actors the same year. Chae Soo Bin for her role as the fake robot in I’m Not a Robot and Jung Hae In for his stint in While You Were Sleeping. The latter made me suffer from what they call Second Lead Syndrome and I kid you not, it was really bad! Well, I know that I’ll definitely be on standby for more updates on this series. 

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