Carman Lee’s Age Still A Mystery After All These Years

Carman Lee’s Age Still A Mystery After All These Years
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To this day, Carman Lee is still remembered for her portrayal of Xiaolongnü in the 1995 TVB classic The Return of the Condor Heroes. Interestingly, she also had a cameo in the hit series The Untamed. Carman celebrated her birthday this month with her mom and niece.  She shared photos of their date with the words, “These two are the most important people in my life.”  The thing is, though, most people probably don’t know Carman Lee’s exact age.  

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Based on Wikipedia and Baidu, Carman Lee was born on August 16 and her birth year is unspecified. If previous data are to be believed, her birth year is reportedly 1973 which means that she would be turning 46 years old on Friday. 
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However, there’s also information stating that Carman Lee first worked for Cathay Pacific at the age of 19 in 1986 which would mean that the actress is 52. After leaving her job, Carman tried her hand at showbiz to achieve considerable fame. Carman Lee surprised a lot of people when she suddenly chose to retire in 2004.  The reason for this didn’t come out until years later.  

She chose to leave the limelight to save her relationship with then businessman boyfriend Guo Yingquan.  The two had been together since 1998.  Unfortunately, Carman’s efforts were in vain as they broke up in 2008, thus ending their 10 year relationship.  Despite remaining single since then, Carman Lee has chosen to move on, focusing on her acting career and making her presence. Regardless of what her real age is, it’s just great to have her back. 

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