Bobby Dou’s Chance Meeting With Ariel Lin After 15 Years

Bobby Dou’s Chance Meeting With Ariel Lin After 15 Years
Life has a way of sending pleasant surprises. This may not be relevant to everyone, but some of you who are fans of Taiwanese idol dramas from yonder days may remember Bobby Dou.  

The actor recently ran into none other than Ariel Lin.  Many of us remember that before The Legend of the Condor HeroesAriel Lin and Hu Ge once starred in the 2006 classic fantasy drama The Little Fairy which forged a lasting friendship between the two. What’s interesting is that Bobby was a major character as well.  

Bobby Dou shared his encounter with Ariel Lin on social media by saying that he was “the luckiest person in the universe” to be able to reunite with Ariel again.  He also quoted their first words to each other.  Ariel tells Bobby that she hasn’t seen him in a long time.  Bobby Dou replies that it’s been 10 years, which she corrects by saying that it’s actually been 15.  Somewhat surprised, Bobby asks, “Really? It’s been that long?  You haven’t changed at all. You still look good.”

It’s just a cute moment really. Some fans of The Little Fairy have even said that they suddenly miss the show and would love to watch it again.  

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