Bai Lu Gets Hate for Butt Pinching Xu Kai Behind the Scenes

Bai Lu Gets Hate for Butt Pinching Xu Kai Behind the Scenes
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Bai Lu and Xu Kai are a familiar pair, having played onscreen partners in The Legends and again in Arsenal Military Academy 烈火军校. They are also both under the management of Huanyu Film. 

However, Bai Lu recently got flak when a clip behind the scenes showed her pinching Xu Kai‘s butt. She received many hate comments from those who thought that it was completly out of line and inappropriate. I admit it’s kinda awkward to watch since it isn’t even a simple tap like friends usually do but hey, the pair have known each other for a while so we don’t know how close they’ve gotten. Xu Kai doesn’t seem offended anyway so maybe it’s just normal for them?

Their boss Yu Zheng was quick to come to Bai Lu defence. He mentioned that those who are making noise are not real fans but just haters. The whole family — referring to their agency, Huanyu Film — are in good terms. Yu Zheng revealed that they will have a line of projects for more couple pairings and more collaborations for the two. He also stressed that Zhenxiang CP — referring to Bai Lu and Xu Kai’s characters in Arsenal Military Academy is the focus for Huanyu in the next few years and it doesn’t matter what the haters say. 
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Huanyu also made a statement earlier today to state that the footage was leaked through unofficial means and the interactions were misconstrued to malign the artists! They have turned things over to their lawyers and reserve the right to take legal action. 

In the showbiz industry, even a playful exchange can spark hatred. It looks to me as if the two are just really comfortable. If Xu Kai did not mind it, then why should we? Also, for all we know, she might just be demonstrating something to him. 
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