An Eclectic Style With Jin Yong Ladies Yukee Chen, Bambi Zhu, Janice Man and Su Qing

An Eclectic Style With Jin Yong Ladies Yukee Chen, Bambi Zhu, Janice Man and Su Qing
yukee chen yuqi zhao min hsds 2019
If you already heard the plans for Chinese TV dramas in the coming months, then you must know that historical dramas might not fare so well. That  means your favorite palace dramas, fantasy, rom-coms and also wuxia, which is a genre of Chinese fiction that has been popular for generations. Interestingly, Jin Yong and Gu Long wuxia novels have seen a revival in recent years with many remakes for the new generation.
Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber was the first to air this year and soon to come are drama remakes of Return of the Condor Heroes, Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils and Handsome Siblings among others. Although our post is a couple of months late, it seems fitting to bring attention to the Harper’s Bazaar China shoot last month which was themed specifically around Jin Yong’s new ladies with Yukee Chen Yuqi as Zhao Min, Bambi Zhu Xudan as Zhou Zhiruo, Janice Man as Wang Yuyan and Su Qing as A Zhu. Photographed by Leslie Zhang, the style is very peculiar but worth a look if you haven’t seen it yet. 

yukee chen yuqi

Yukee Chen Yuqi looks fierce in her black cheongsam fusion outfit. Another shot shows the actress in a white-crimson robe which kinda gives a rose among the thorns vibe. I love the fiery colors to symbolize the Mongolian Princess who is crafty and passionate.  

bambi zhu xudan zhou zhiruo hsds 2019
bambi zhu xudan
Bambi Zhu Zhudan is rocking the emo look with her long black hair down and black robes. The far away look in her eyes has a melancholic ring to it. Hmm… withering flower that’s been left to its own definitely sounds fitting and in a way, represents Zhou Zhiruo whose love for the male lead comes unrequited.

janice man wang yuyan demi gods semi devils
janice man wang yuyan
Janice Man reminds me of all things pure and showcases a flawless maiden independent of all worldly traits.

su qing a zhu demi gods semi devils
su qing
Su Qing projects a lotus in her whitish pink-colored Hanfu. She reminds me of a Geisha but sans the heavy make-up. The character A Zhu that she plays is a woman who is very skilled in the art of disguise.
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