Ady An is Happy and Fabulous One Month Postpartum

Ady An is Happy and Fabulous One Month Postpartum
ady an after giving birth
Call it the magic of a month’s rest or whatever, but new mum Ady An looks enviably fantastic in the new photos she posted on her social media page. While new mums elsewhere might still be in their sweats or pyjamas by lunchtime, looking just a tad sleep deprived from the crying, constant feeds and nappy changes, the Taiwanese actress on the other hand is looking none the worse for wear just a month after giving birth to her and husband Chen Ronglian’s first child, baby boy “66”. 

ady an after giving birth
Today, Mrs. Chen and 66’s Mama is having a day off. Ms. An is back at work! Can finally colour my hair. Do you like the new colour?

Of course, there’s no doubt that being a celebrity might have had a hand in it, they are after all the masters of “faking it”. Not to mention having access to some help during their confinement from nannies, dieticians and fitness trainers, but boy you gotta admit new momma looks as fresh as a spring daisy! Netizens have also commented on how amazing her postpartum body looks just a month after giving birth with one fan saying “my goodness, this is a mother’s body? Miss An long time no see, you look great!” while another said “each person recovers at a different from each other”. Other Netizens have also been leaving comments welcoming the actress back with words of support for the new mum. 

ady an after giving birth
Indeed the actress looks ready to take on life and most importantly, very happy at this new stage in her life! Congratulations again to Ady and Chen Ronglian and here’s hoping she’ll give us a sneaky little peek at her new bub sometime in the near future.

ady an
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