Yang Zi Gets Frank About Being Practical in Picking Her Roles

Yang Zi Gets Frank About Being Practical in Picking Her Roles
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Despite being a post-90’s actress who’s only in her twenties, Yang Zi has a wealth of experience as she started acting when she was just a kid. She recently shared her views about choosing projects and how it has evolved over the years.  She admits that in the past, she only paid attention to the script, the director’s credentials and the production team to see if they were capable and knew what they were doing. Those three things alone would suffice. However, Yang Zi’s selection process has since changed.  Nowadays, she also has to look at the cast and how the drama will be distributed. 

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She reveals that there’s a very practical reason behind her decision making. Yang Zi gives emphasis on the actors that she’ll be acting with due to the fact that some actors may not be particularly favorable and circumstances could result in the drama not being able to air. Since there are only 12 months in a year, an actor can typically only do around 3 dramas a year.  If by chance, these 3 dramas run into problems and can’t be aired, then it’s game over. With the current environment, looking solely at the script is no longer enough. 

Yang Zi’s criteria might seem a bit fussy but it makes a lot of sense with everything considered. It was also very honest of her to share something like that. Time has also shown that the actress has played her cards right considering the success of Ashes of Love last year and Go Go Squid! this year. 

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