Yang Zi Asks Viewers Not to Watch Pirated Version of Go Go Squid!

Yang Zi Asks Viewers Not to Watch Pirated Version of Go Go Squid!
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Bad news for the drama, guys. All the episodes of the romantic comedy Go Go Squid! starring Yang Zi and Li Xian have been uploaded on the net.  One can choose to watch the whole series if they wanted to, though the episodes have a watermark that indicates, “For Dragon TV Viewing Only,” so I don’t suggest doing so as it’s annoying to see that permanently on screen. It’s expected the finale will air on July 31.  

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Unsurprisingly, Yang Zi has spoken up about it through social media. She says that some people have made it known to her that Go Go Squid! has been leaked online.  She explains that the show was a group effort by the production staff, actors and film crew; and that she doesn’t want people to see the drama like this.  

Netizens supported her by saying they would rather watch Go Go Squid! legitimately and that they don’t support piracy.  Others said that they didn’t want to see the rom-com in its unfinished form and would rather wait and binge the entire thing.  Although, there were some people who have watched the pirated version, they said that they would still watch the original.  

Film piracy has been a problem for a long time now.  Though measures have been taken to minimize the illegal practice and punish those responsible, one cannot expect to totally eliminate piracy unless everyone pitches in.  That includes viewers like us.    

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