Yang Mi’s Figure Becomes the Envy of Netizens

Yang Mi’s Figure Becomes the Envy of Netizens
yang mi
“If you have it, flaunt it!” definitely applies to the youthful-looking Yang Mi. No stranger to being the center of attention, the 32-year-old actress’s fashion choices from red carpet looks to everyday wear are often the talk of the town. Last night, she was turning heads once more after arriving at Beijing Airport. Although she took the VIP entry, people still managed to catch a glimpse of her airport fashion which trended online. 

yang mi airport fahsion
Wearing a crop top blouse and low-waist jeans, Yang Mi’s outfit accentuated her teeny tiny waist and well-endowed figure. Netizens were amazed at her killer proportions that seemed impossible to achieve. Have you noticed how long her legs are? It makes her seem taller than her 5’6 height. It’s a good kind of thin though, not the kind where you end up being compared to a skeleton. I do wonder, where she stores all her food?

yang mi airport fashion
On many occasions, the actress has been quite outspoken on the topic of weight and said that she would never allow herself to become fat. She’s also been known to frequent the gym and to adhere to a strict diet. From her consistent interviews, it looks like nothing can break her resolve. As long as it’s healthy, you do you girl. 
Source: Weibo


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