William Chan, Li Yifeng, and other celebrities try the latest Selca craze

William Chan, Li Yifeng, and other celebrities try the latest Selca craze
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It’s always adorable when celebrities quench their fan’s thirst for pictures of themselves, because who doesn’t love seeing their favorite idol’s selfie, right? Well recently, singer-actors William Chan and Li Yifeng did just that by posting photos of themselves on their Weibo accounts.

william chan
Charming 33-year old actor William Chan, who I personally know from his role in the movie Genghis Khan, first posted a selfie on July 16, captioning it “I hear someone misses me”His face is mostly hidden in that photo which I guess most fans would still have found cute. 

william chan age challenge
But alas maybe he sensed that it just wasn’t enough to satisfy so he posted yet another one the following day. The caption reads: “Still love?” The reason being that it’s no ordinary selca picture! It seems the actor-singer has jumped in on the latest craze exploding the internet of using FaceApp to edit his selfies. It’s an instant editing application where one of its filters will make the person in the snapshot look older. 

li yifeng age challenge
Jumping on the same bandwagon is his long-time friend and Swords of Legends co-star Li Yifeng who used the app to post a selfie showing fans what he’d look like as an old man along with a current photo. He added the caption, “Old Li Yifeng, can he still play basketball?” What do you guys think of grandpa William and grandpa Yifeng?

li yifeng
C-entertainment stars were not the only ones getting in on the #AgeChallenge action as the trend has also found its way to Korea, prompting our favorite Korean celebrities to also post their saggy faces online.  Actor Park Seo Joon published an edited version of his poster from The Divine Fury using FaceApp. BTS member Taehyung or more commonly known as V, also tweeted a picture of him using the application.

park seo joon age challenge

간만에 디오니소스나 춤춰볼까? pic.twitter.com/i3nS6DCjzb

— 방탄소년단 (@BTS_twt) July 17, 2019

Have you gotten in on the #AgeChallenge craze? 

Hmm looking at the aged version of the actors, well, there’s no denying that these celebs are certainly good looking whether young or old.

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