Tong Liya Drops Out of Nothing But Thirty

Tong Liya Drops Out of Nothing But Thirty
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It seems that in the world of showbiz, nothing is truly set in stone.  Last month, it was announced that Tong Liya, Maggie Jiang and Mao Xiaotong would star in Nothing But Thirty, a story about women in their thirties. Sadly, it looks Tong Liya has chosen to excuse herself from being part of the female-centric modern drama.  

In a recent online post, Tong Liya expressed her regret about not being able to participate in Nothing But Thirty, citing time constraints and scheduling conflicts as the reasons why she had to drop out.  She ended her post by wishing the cast and crew of Nothing But Thirty good luck and that she hopes to have the chance to work with them in the future.  

Some people have speculated that the reason Tong Liya declined to be in Nothing But Thirty was because of the backlash she received a while back for allowing herself to play a wife who tries to save her marriage despite her husband cheating on her in the said drama, which was quite similar to her real life situation.  There were also those who argued that Tong Liya shouldn’t be able to drop out since it would constitute breaching the contract, which others have countered by saying there was no contract signing to begin with.  

Regardless of circumstance, I think people should respect Tong Liya’s decision and here’s to seeing her in future dramas.  

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