Simon Yam in stable condition after being stabbed on stage in China

Simon Yam in stable condition after being stabbed on stage in China
Simon Yam is one of those household names that you’d remember due to his prolific career playing cops and gangsters in many number of movies. Most recently, he starred in the cop drama The Thunder. The internet broke out today with news that the well-respected veteran actor was stabbed while attending an event in Guangdong, China. Fortunately, his injuries were not life threatening and the assailant has been taken into police custody after being subdued.

A video shows the attacker, who was wearing a vest, climb up the stage as the host was calling for some individuals to come onstage. He then took out a knife from his pocket, charged at Simon Yam and was able to stab him in the abdomen before taking more swings.  Simon tried to move out of the way to evade the attacker which gave others time to subdue the knife-wielding man.  

Simon Yam, clutching his abdomen and still able to walk, requested to be taken to a hospital.  According to his manager, he sustained injuries in his abdomen and fingers. He is at the hospital and is in stable condition. The man who attacked Simon Yam is suspected to be suffering from mental problems. 

With the assault on Simon Yam, there are two important questions that has to be asked:  How did the attacker get past security while in possession of a weapon?  Who should be held liable for what happened to Simon Yam?  Hopefully, we get answers soon as these kinds of things should have no place in our society today. In hindsight, it was such a dangerous situation to be in and it was a blessing in disguise that the knife didn’t puncture any major organs because it could’ve been much worse. Hoping for his speedy recovery and some changes to avoid things like this from happening again. 

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