Simon Yam Gets Discharged From Hospital 4 Days After Attack

Simon Yam Gets Discharged From Hospital 4 Days After Attack
Simon Yam discharged from hospital
With all that’s going on, it’s nice to hear about good news for a change.  Actor Simon Yam has finally been allowed to go home days after being treated in a local hospital in Guangzhou, China following an attack last July 20 when he was stabbed on stage by a man who is believed to be mentally unstable. I still remember the video clip and it was extremely lucky that Simon had the presence of mind to quickly step out of the way following the initial attack.  

After undergoing two operations and with no life threatening complications, Simon Yam was able to go home on July 24.  His right arm was all bandaged up as he stepped out of the hospital.  He then thanked everyone waiting outside for their concern. 

His wife, Sophia Kao, said that these past few days were both long and tough for them, but they have remained optimistic because Simon Yam himself has assured that everything was going to be okay.  Sophia also thanked the medical staff for taking care of her husband as well as the media and Simon’s talent agency.  She then assured the public that Simon Yam will be able to come back soon.

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