Seo Ji Suk may take up Kang Ji Hwan’s role in Joseon Survival

Seo Ji Suk may take up Kang Ji Hwan’s role in Joseon Survival
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It’s been a few days since K-Entertainment was rocked by the sudden news of Kang Ji Hwan being taken into custody on allegations of having sexually assaulted and molested two female employees from his agency. Since then, he has been suspended from all of his activities including his lead role in the TV Chosun drama Joseon Survival

There were speculations of different celebrities to fill in the position like Go Joo Won but his side has denied the rumor saying that the actor has not received any calls regarding it. The latest update is that it might be Seo Ji Suk who will take up the vacant position. Like me, you may remember him from his role in the commercially successful Hearts of Nineteen. To be honest, after that show I haven’t kept tabs on him but he was really great in that series and I remember loving almost every episode of it minus the parts that got draggy for a very long drama. 

If he does end up taking the role, he will act as a former top archer playing for the national team. He ends up being a delivery man that struggles for a living and meets his first love again after seven years. The actor is reportedly in the final stages of discussion. If they come to an agreement, filming should start this week.

Update: Seo Ji Suk’s casting has been confirmed. The drama is expected to resume broadcast with episode 11 to air on July 27. Initially slated for 20 episodes, the story will conclude with 16 episodes. 

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