Lee Dong Wook Plays a Swoony Dentist in New Drama Hell is Other People

Lee Dong Wook Plays a Swoony Dentist in New Drama Hell is Other People
Produce X 101 may have already ended a week ago, but its handsome host Lee Dong Wook is powering forward with a new project playing a dashing dentist in OCN’s new weekend drama Hell is Other People (lit. Strangers from Hell). 

Now from the title alone, it’s not such a big leap to guess that the drama is either a horror or a thriller right? Sure enough, Hell is Other People is a mystery thriller adapted from the web toon of the same name written by Kim Yong-ki about the strange happenings around a host of mysterious residents living in Eden dorm encountered by a young man (Im Si Wan) who just moved in from the countryside.
The drama has just released some stills today that show a bespectacled Lee Dong Wook as Seo Moon Jo, a dentist who befriends Im Si Wan’s character and has a clinic near the dormitory. Lee Dong Wook looks good in his white coat doesn’t he? As his patient, I’d totally feel at ease with his gently smiling demeanor – going to the dentist is hardly a pleasant enough experience, what more with an abrasive know-it-all doctor right? Having a dentist that’s such a dreamboat and literally drool worthy (hello drooling is normal at the dentist) is definitely an added bonus! On the other hand, as the patient’s mom I’d also appreciate him treating my child’s case so seriously too.
Lee Dong Wook stars in Hell is Other People opposite another of my favourites, Im Si Wan of Misaeng fame. The show will premiere on OCN next month, August 31st, 2019.

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