Last One Standing (2019)

Last One Standing (2019)
last one standing
Have you ever wondered how you’d fare when faced with a Walking Dead / Maze Runner sorta situation of having to survive in a lawless society where only the strong survive? To what lengths will you go to when faced with the threat of death? I mean, would you drink your pee and eat insects or chop up zombies and kick the arse of hostile aliens? Do you think you have what it takes to be the LAST ONE STANDING 无主之城?

Last One Standing Chinese sci-fi Du Chun
Aptly entitled, the newest offering from director Zhao Tianyu is reminiscent of “end of the world gotta survive in a post-apocalyptic dystopian society” movies all rolled into one minus the zombies and aliens. Not really a pretty picture but if you’re into this sorta thing, you might want to give this series a try because it’s certainly a unique concept as far as Chinese dramas go. 

Last One Standing Chinese sci-fi Liu Yijun
The 24 episode show is a story about survival set in an urban wasteland where only the strong will be the “last one standing”. Actor Du Chun plays our main protagonist Luo Ran, who finds himself on a train bound for C City with his best friend Ning Yu (actor Dai Xu) while investigating the suspicious death of his wife. They are in pursuit of a suspect, Jiang Xue (actress Xu Lingyue) when the train they are on derails, leaving surviving passengers stranded in a barren city left in ruins, without any means to contact the outside world. With supplies dwindling and other survivors disappearing, they must do everything they can to stay alive and emerge as victors in this vicious game of survival of the fittest.

Last One Standing Chinese sci-fi Amelie Xu Lingyue
Audiences can also look forward to seeing actors Liu Yijun, Li Ning, Mao Yi, Huang Deyi and actress Chen Yuxi join Du Chun and Dai Xu in this ultimate game of survivor. 

Last One Standing Chinese sci-fi Dai Xu
Last One Standing Chinese sci-fi

Last One Standing Chinese sci-fi

Last One Standing Chinese sci-fi
Release Date: July 24, 2019 (iQiyi)

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