Kim Da Mi to star in the Korean remake of the Chinese film Soul Mate

Kim Da Mi to star in the Korean remake of the Chinese film Soul Mate
kim dami goodbye, my soulmate
If you’re a big fan of K-Ent like yours truly, then here’s a nice little update for you: there’s an upcoming Korean movie you should totally watch out for! 

The romantic youth drama entitled Goodbye, My Soulmate, is a remake of the highly successful Chinese film Soul Mate. It’s based on a novel of the same name written by the popular Chinese novelist Anni Baobei about two best friends who naively thought that their friendship will last forever but eventually drifted apart as they grew older. 

The film stars young actress Kim Da Mi who is well known for her performance in the mystery movie The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion for which she won several awards. It’s quite interesting really because we mostly see Korean movies or shows being adapted in Chinese instead of the other way around, but hey, I’m not complaining. 

soul mate
The Chinese version of the film was excellent and both actresses who headlined it, Zhou Dongyu and Sandra Ma, won Best Actress awards for their very convincing performances. In fact, the film currently has a drama adaptation entitled Another Me starring Shen Yue and Chen Duling.

another me
The story is about two friends, who despite having different personalities became very close. One of them falls in love with a man but being shy, seeks the support of the other. As the story flows, we get to experience a slice of life: from heartbreaks caused by falling in love with the same person, to time and distance creating a rift between friends. 

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