Kang Ji Hwan Owns Up to All Sexual Assault Charges

Kang Ji Hwan Owns Up to All Sexual Assault Charges
kang ji hwan
Actor Kang Ji Hwanhas admitted to sexual assaulted charges in a statement issued through his legal team today. 

In what feels like a scene out of a drama but really isn’t because this is real life, the actor was arrested last week following a drunken night which led to the actor allegedly sexually assaulting and molesting two female employees from his agency. Gwangju police said that when they arrived at the actor’s home, one of the females said that the actor entered their room while they were sleeping and sexually assaulted her and harassed her colleague.

In his statement, the actor said that “I admit to all the charges and I bow my head down to the people who suffered the most for the mistakes I made.” Kang Ji Hwan adds that he sincerely apologizes to the many people who were worried about this incident and will atone for his mistakes.

After this scandal blew up, we previously reported that TV Chosun has suspended last week’s airing of Kang Ji Hwan’s newest drama Joseon Survival. And while we all thought the drama’s future might be doomed, the good news is that the show has not been cancelled … only Kang Ji Hwan is. The actor can kiss the drama goodbye as news confirming that actor Seo Ji Suk has signed on to replace him has already been made official.

Joseon Survival will resume its broadcast of episode 11 on July 27.

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