Puff Guo and Jasper Liu as Cheating Lovers in Before We Get Married

After he made us cry in last year’s hit movie More Than BlueJasper Liu who once started out playing the nice guy seems like he’s perfect for playing tragic hero roles.  In the TV drama Before We Get Married 我們不能是朋友, Puff Guo and Jasper Liu play two people who become attracted to each other despite having their respective partners.  

This makes for several emotionally-charged scenes that have been garnering a lot of attention. To think that Taiwanese dramas seem to have been overlooked by viewers, yet it is full of surprise with The World Between Us earlier this year and now this.
Somehow, an illicit romance has managed to become a love story that you root for. When Chu Kehuan played by Jasper Liu followed Zhou Weiwei played by Puff Guo into the kitchen to kiss her, the moment is heart stopping.  Although it was a man trying to steal someone else’s girlfriend, people loved seeing Jasper and Puff kiss. 
When Chu Kehuan broke up with his girlfriend of 10 years to be with Zhou Weiwei, his words, “From the moment you decided on your own that you didn’t want the baby without even discussing with me, I stopped loving you, I couldn’t touch you, did you not notice, since then, I haven’t been able to love you,” made him seem like a bad guy but there was so much more to it. 
Jasper mentions that he doesn’t understand why his character became popular since he felt Chu Kehuan’s lines were nauseating and that he was somewhat of a manipulative man.  With Puff Guo’s character, she seems unsure about what she wants and yet she’s about to get married. 
From what I’ve seen so far, people love the complications of being torn over pursuing your feelings or doing what is right. That predicament feels raw and the wait to see the main couple get together is a torturous guilty pleasure. Since Before We Get Married is a drama that highlights the moral choices, it has proven to be an interesting series to watch.  
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