Jackson Wang and Bai Jingting’s playful banter over shirtless photos

Jackson Wang and Bai Jingting’s playful banter over shirtless photos
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Who doesn’t love a good ol’ bromance from two equally hot and handsome celebrities? I know I do! So when the topic of GOT7‘s Jackson Wang and Chinese actor Bai Jingting‘s playful exchange reached me, I couldn’t help but take a peek. 

It started with Jackson Wang’s post on Instagram where the idol is seen flexing his muscles for a shirtless photo during a workout. He was hitting the gym as he couldn’t sleep due to the time difference in Chile. What made the post gain even more attention is Bai Jingting’s teasing comment who wrote, “Is this a reason to not wear a shirt?”

Jackson immediately defended himself by explaining that it was hot in the gym: “Big bro, come here. You’ll know how hot this gym is, clothes dripping like a wet towel, how to wear it, of course, em, there is also the part that you’re saying, admitted.”

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Jackson Wang wasted no time in getting revenge by leaving a comment on a photo Bai Jingting uploaded a few days ago on Instagram. Naturally, the actor also happened to have a shirtless photo of his own that was accompanied with a single sun emoji for a caption. 

Jackson commented, “Bro, you see, one look and I know that the sun must be the reason why you’re not wearing a shirt. You see, younger bro understands you @baijingting.” Bai’s response, “Just come here and you’ll know that the sun is scorching hot…… of course, em, I am that superficial too.” Clearly, both are just roasting each other for their tendency to show off their bodies.

The last hurrah (so far) goes to Bai Jingting. This time around, Jackson Wang had posted a video of himself (still shirtless, I might add) to do the bottle cap challenge. Implying that he was ready to watch a full show, Bai Jingting disappointedly wrote, “I already had my glasses on but this is all you’re letting me watch.” 

This my friends, is what greeted me today. Hmm, let’s standby and see if more of this adorable exchange will happen in the future. (I’m pretty sure it will!)

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