How the Go Go Squid Outfits Compliment the Character’s Ages

How the Go Go Squid Outfits Compliment the Character’s Ages
go go squid couple
With the drama Go Go Squid! 亲爱的热爱的 steadily heating up the small screens this summer, viewers have also taken notice of the couple’s looks in the show epecially Tong Nian who is cute and adorable in every shot. You never know right, I mean, if we can’t get ourselves a handsome and broody Han Shangyan like Tong Nian, we can always grab some inspiration from her wardrobe which might just help us land our very own Shangyan!

go go squid yang zi pastel colors
Macaron coloured pastels and sherbet flavours

To cop Tong Nian’s bubbly looks for summer, it’s all about the ice cream shades and bright pastel colour combinations to emphasize her youthful and energetic character. Think lavender shirts with pale bottoms, monochromatic whites, bubble gum pink oversized hoodies and dresses, and my personal favourite – butter yellow paired with light wash jeans. Tong Nian also seems to have a fondness for accessorizing with bandanas – tied around her neck or in her hair as a headband, bandanas are totally back in fashion for summer 2019 so it’s definitely a look that’s very easy to recreate!

go go squid clothes
go go squid yang zi bandana

Now it’s quite obvious that the show’s producers and costume team went through great lengths to make the actors appear younger and older than they are in real life. Yang Zi and Li Xian are of similar ages being both in their twenties but they are playing characters who are 19 and in their 30’s respectively. So for Yang Zi, a wee wardrobe “makeYOUNGER” was necessary since she’s years older than her 19 year old character!  Luckily for her though, her baby face and big big doe eyes go a long way to make her appear younger, doesn’t it?

Li Xian too who’s just a year older than Yang Zi in real life also got a Han Shangyan makeover to counter his youthful looking face. It’s out with the brights and colours for him though since he needs to appear in his 30’s as required by the story. The result? Endless iterations of broody and monotonous blacks to go with his older and more mature character.
go go squid li xian all black
Three guesses as to what his favourite colour is *lol*

What are your favourite looks from the show?

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