Hotel Del Luna (2019)

hotel del luna cast
“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a pretty well-known saying and I think it suits the upcoming fantasy drama, Hotel Del Luna. Naturally, a scary, old, dilapidated building isn’t worth a second glance because come on, there’s nothing to see but cobwebs and ruined walls. But this particular building begs to disagree because it holds a grand secret that’s definitely shocking.

hotel del luna cast
The 16-episode series will give viewers an exciting new look at shabby buildings because the torn down establishment located in the heart of Seoul is actually an extravagant, Victorian-styled hotel complete with an outlandish interior, luxurious rooms, and expensive champagnes (because what’s a hotel without a nice drink, right?) that is open for business as soon as the sun has set. I might just catch a plane to go there right away if not for the, er, scary catch: the hotel only caters to ghosts! The youthful-looking actress, IU, will act as Jang Man-Wol, the CEO of Hotel Del Luna. Her character is a bossy and ill-tempered woman who has done something terrible in the past so she is being punished with immortality and is tasked to run the hotel. Try as she might though, she can’t seem to  remember what her grave sin was (spoiler alert: she committed suicide);  but she has accepted her fate and continues to manage the business.
hotel del luna cast IU
Because of her extravagant spending, the hotel is doomed for bankruptcy. This is where Yeo Jin Goo‘s character, Goo Chang Sung comes in handy. He is hailed as the youngest assistant manager in a multinational hotel company. He’s a perfectionist and is good at what he does but is secretly faint-hearted. Jang Man-wol uses this to her advantage and sends a ghost to scare him and persuade him to work for her. Goo Chang Sung takes up the position of General Manager in Hotel Del Luna and ends up nagging Jang Man-Wol a lot. 
I think it’s safe to assume that this drama will have lots of funny, bickering scenes of the two main leads and I’m already loving it! Days before the show’s premiere, new posters have been released and one of them appears to be a character relationship chart which shows Lee Tae Soon and Lee Do Hyun as somehow connected to IU’s character. Meanwhile, it shows Park Yoo Na and Cho Hyun Cheol as having a close relation to Goo Chang Sung. Other actors in the character map were Shin Jung Geun, Bae Hae Sun, P.O., and Kang Mina. Seo Yi Sook and Kang Hong Seok will be playing gods in the drama as well as actor Jung Dong Hwan who plays Manager Noh.
hotel del luna cast Yeo Jin Goo
hotel del luna cast
Thanks to my love for all things supernatural and fantasy-related, I’m already dying to watch the show! I’m also wondering if like in Goblin, their lives are intertwined in the past. Oh well, the only hope of finding out is to tune in once it premieres!
hotel del luna cast
Release date: July 13, 2019, 9 PM K.S.T.

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