Andy Lau Still Deals With Trauma After His Horse Riding Accident

Andy Lau Still Deals With Trauma After His Horse Riding Accident
the white storm 2 andy lau
Andy Lau has been a mainstay in the entertainment industry for as long as I can remember and not many can say that they have fans spanning three generations quite like the singer-actor. At his age, one would expect Andy to slow down a bit, but he isn’t quite ready to rest on his laurels just yet.  He has his own production company and retains his career as an actor and singer. Most recently, he came back with his new movie The White Storm 2: Drug Lords opposite Louis Koo that has been making a killing in the box office. 

The 58 year old actor who co-produced and starred in the movie recalls falling off a horse during a commercial shoot in Thailand in January 2017.  He injured his spine, as well as his pelvis and had to stay in the hospital for 51 days.  During that time, he thought that he might not be able to walk again and was considering what event he would take part in if he joined the Paralympics.  Fortunately, Andy was able to fully recover  from his physical injuries by the year’s end. He went back to work in June 2018 to film The White Storm 2. 

the white storm 2 andy lau
Sadly, Andy developed trauma after his injuries and started fearing things that didn’t bother him before.  He became afraid of horses, driving cars and even heights.  Andy reveals that there was a scene in The White Storm 2 where he had to stand next to a horse.  Andy felt nervous that he was uncomfortably close to the animal while in reality, he wasn’t.  

There was also another instance where he had to do a look down from the edge of a building after a pursuit scene on the rooftops.  Andy was worried that he would slip and fall off the edge since it was raining and slippery so he asked to be tied down from behind.  

Andy admits that he used a stunt double to drive the car in the movie’s final battle.  Even just watching the scene made him nervous, he said.  

Regardless of the trauma Andy received from his injuries back then, he has tried his best to continue what he has always done.  That is to give his all in everything he chooses to do.  That is enough for me to continue my admiration for Andy Lau.

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