Zheng Shuang’s bold response to those hating on her boyfriend

Zheng Shuang’s bold response to those hating on her boyfriend
Love conquers all… or does it?

Zheng Shuang finds herself on the receiving end of criticism once again. When she posted random pictures of her boyfriend, a screenshot of their chat conversation and cute couple stuff where she called him the world’s cutest cream puff (aw, cute!), the 27-year-old actress may not have anticipated all the bitterness that some of her fans’ will feel. There were certainly lots of hate comments ranging from “No one wants to see your boyfriend” to “I don’t want to be your fan anymore.”

Zheng Shuang boyfriend
Huh. Why? Anyway, given Zheng Shuang’s bold, speak-you-mind kind of personality, she dealt with the backlash with a direct response posted on the same app where she shared the photos in the first place. 

She said that she’s finally met someone that she can share her love with. She has fallen in love like a normal person. In her younger years, she felt that she didn’t have the right to such emotions and now that she found a man that she can be openly affectionate with, she won’t regret anything no matter what happens in the end. 

She also says that she loves Zhang Heng and if others don’t want to see it the stuff that she’s posting, no one’s forcing them to. She addressed those who threatened to leave her with a ‘Bye Bye’ and proceeded to say ‘I love you all’ to the rest of her fans. 

Hmm if I remember correctly, it wasn’t long ago that she had to answer to the same kind of criticism after posting her boyfriend’s washing habits. There was mixed reaction from her fans back then. I just can’t fathom why she’s receiving such hate for being happily in love? Shouldn’t fans be happy for her?


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