Zheng Shuang takes legal action against cyberbullies

Zheng Shuang takes legal action against cyberbullies
Zheng Shuang
It’s no secret that the entertainment industry can be very toxic. From overly-obsessed fans, to zero privacy and of course, the classic haters. And the alluring actress Zheng Shuang is certainly not excused from all this mess. 

She has been a victim of hate messages online and different kinds of malicious comments. Because of this, she decided to take legal action about the matter. As of June 14, 2019, the actress’ camp has released a statement regarding the lawsuit and said that they already have several Weibo accounts who are liable for the slanderous tirades to the actress. Among the hate speech were hashtags like #Did Zheng Shuang Die Today#. 
In the same statement, her lawyers claim that all of the negativity has hurt Zheng Shuang’s public image and has caused serious emotional and psychological damage for the actress. Her lawyers have demanded for the bad comments to be taken down and stopped immediately. They are requesting for all those who took part in this to make their apologies. They also warned the general public that the internet is not a place for illegal activities therefore, the law should be followed.

Amidst this controversy, Shuang’s real-life boyfriend, Zhang Heng, spoke on behalf of his girlfriend to show his support. He says, “Everyone’s living in the same beautiful planet, why waste time doing stupid things to bother her? This time can be used for companionship, to play, to earn money… and not to disrespect her or anyone else.”
It looks like the actress knows how to protect herself in the toxic environment she’s living in. And this incident is a good way to teach us that no matter how much freedom we have online, our actions still have consequences.

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