Zhang Ruoyun and Tang Yixin to hold wedding ceremony later this month

Zhang Ruoyun and Tang Yixin to hold wedding ceremony later this month
zhang ruoyun tang yixin couple
Photos from Bazaar Charity Night 2017
The internet went abuzz today with wedding rumors and the father of the groom has confirmed it to be true! Among the young celebrity couples, Zhang Ruoyun and Tina Tang Yixin are to me, the definition of an old married couple just because of how long they’ve been together – at least eight years if we’re counting from the time that Zhang Ruoyun wrote a memorandum about a certain someone. 

Zhang Ruoyun letter to Tang Yixin
Back in April 2011, he wrote, “1. She loves eating cherries and has a very sweet smile. 2. She likes to hold her own and also needs to lean on someone. 3. Even as she smiles so sweetly and walks so stubbornly, don’t ever feel that she’s not made of water (a term to describe women). 4. Men shouldn’t be emotional. Protect her, believe her, support her and don’t control her. 5. Be her ground, not her heaven. 6. She likes romantic things, but romance is not everything. To know her is more important than to be romantic towards her. 7. Love her. No need to persuade myself”

zhang ruoyun tang yixin couple
The discreet pair never actually confirmed that they were dating until 2017, but the public somehow always knew from the signs like their outings to the same location, her reportedly changing her name to match his and their couple tattoos. Tang Yixin once revealed that they met after she accidentally bumped his car and was stopped by him at a traffic light. 

Tang Yixin Victoria Song Shen Mengchen friends
News that they’ve registered their marriage came in 2018 with a photo of Tang Yixin wearing what looked like a wedding ring. When Tang Yixin’s name got linked to Wu Xiubo’s scandal, her boyfriend stepped in to defend her. There are too many stories of couple fallouts that it’s inspiring to see these two weather the storm. According to reports, the couple will be holding their wedding ceremony on June 26-27 in Ireland. Tang Yixin’s girlfriends Victoria Song and Sheng Mengchen are also rumored to be part of the bridal party. Congrats to the happy couple!
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