Yang Mi Talks About Parenting And Giving Children Their Own Space

Yang Mi Talks About Parenting And Giving Children Their Own Space
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Being a parent to a child is not an easy thing, especially if you’re a big celebrity like Yang Mi who’s every move tends to come under intense scrutiny. A few days ago, the actress was in the spotlight after being seen heading to Hong Kong, presumably to attend her daughter Noemie’s 5th birthday party held on the 1st of June. 

Although there were no photos of her at the event, Yang Mi’s father shared a photo with child star Jasper, son of celebrity couple Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying, who also attended the birthday bash.  

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On a recent episode of the Chinese reality show The Great Escape, Yang Mi opens up about parenting for the first time since her divorce with Hawick Lau

During a segment on the show, Yang Mi and other participants had to watch a short clip about a parent and a child. Written on a wall were the 5 most damaging things you can say to a child: 1.  When did I promise you?  2.  What’s the use of raising you? 3.  We won’t love you anymore if u do that again.  4.  I’ve told you before, but you didn’t listen.  5.  We made an effort because of you.  

The hurtful words seemed to resonate with Yang Mi as she became serious and talked about her views about raising a child.  She said that she would never say those things to her child and thinks that giving them a certain degree of freedom is essential.  She believes that a child is an individual who needs their own space to make their own choices; choices that need to be respected by others.  Yang Mi also hopes that every child will have the chance to make their own path in life.

Yang Mi has often been judged for not being a good parent to her daughter Noemie since she stayed in the mainland to work, leaving Noemie in the care of her grandparents in Hong Kong.  Personally, though, I find nothing wrong with a parent seeking better opportunities for the sake of uplifting their family’s quality of life.  As long as there is communication and they have a good relationship, who are we to judge.

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