Wu Jinyan Talks About Being A Struggling Actress, Aspires To Be Like Qin Lan

Wu Jinyan Talks About Being A Struggling Actress, Aspires To Be Like Qin Lan
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Wu Jinyan skyrocketed to fame after she played Wei Yingluo in Story of Yanxi Palace last year and followed it up with Legend of Haolan this year. Along with her newfound fame came more generous pay checks. Wu Jinyan has even managed to buy a house for her parents.  Life is good.  

However, it wasn’t always a bed of roses for the rising star. In the show Middle Me, Wu Jinyan recalled the times when she was still struggling to make it in Beijing.  She endured the daily commute everyday for years which wasn’t exactly just a simple subway ride to and from home.  She also didn’t have a lot of money to spare back then.  Wu Jinyan revealed that she once had only 200 yuan in her debit card and it was a really difficult time for her.  Despite her troubles, Wu Jinyan never thought about taking the easy way out and marrying someone rich.  She explains that she didn’t want to depend on her husband for everything.  

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With her breakout role in Story of Yanxi Palace, her luck began to change and her quality of life improved. It was also in the same drama that she and fellow actress Qin Lan who played Empress Fucha Rongyin became friends.  Wu Jinyan shares that Qin Lan would often message her asking if she was fine and cheer her on.  It seems both Qin Lan and Wu Jinyan really connected since Qin Lan can understand what Wu Jinyan was thinking even without her saying anything.  Wu Jinyan who is nearing the age of 30 hopes to become like Qin Lan someday.  With the kindness shown to her etched in her heart, Wu Jinyan plans to help others just like Qin Lan helped her.    

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