Listening Snow Tower: How the Novel Ended

Listening Snow Tower Qin Junjie
Listening Snow Tower 听雪楼 tells a heart-wrenching tale with its main characters, played by Qin Junjie and Yuan Bingyan, overcoming many obstacles in the action-packed wuxia drama. As the series nears its finale, audiences wonder if the adaptation will have a happy ending or whether it will remain true to the novel till the end. 
The following will contain spoilers from the novel. With a heroine that is destined to have the people closest to her die, things are not looking up. 

Listening Snow Tower Yuan Bingyan
Five years after Shu Jingrong enters Ting Xue Lou, several misunderstandings develop between Xiao Yiqing and Shu Jingrong due to Shi Mingyan’s provocations.  They succumb to their suspicions and ultimately develop a mutual distrust of each other, ending up as enemies and fighting each other to the death. Both Xiao Yiqing and Shu Jingrong die at a young age, 27 and 25 respectively.
Listening Snow Tower Qin Junjie Yuan Bingyan
With Xiao Yiqing and Shu Jingrong gone, Shi Mingyan becomes the new tower master.  Xiao Yiqing and Shu Jingrong are buried together while the four great guardians protect their remainsThe great priest, Jia Ruo, uses his inner energy as bait and lures the evil spirits in the holy lake down to a place where he can seal them forever. He succeeds but loses his life due to his act of sacrifice.
Listening Snow Tower Han Chengyu
After seven years as the tower master, Shi Mingyan leaves one night and takes the Blood Rose Sword with her. 
Author Cang Yue 沧月 has a reputation for tragic endings so much so that people have said that she simply doesn’t understand how to make a happy ending. With the three main characters dead, Listening Snow Tower is no exception. 
Listening Snow Tower Angela Yuen
It’s no secret that the drama has made many changes from the novel and was even criticized for its depiction of the heroine, so there’s definitely a chance that it will go with a different ending altogether. What do you guys think? Is there hope for a happy ending? 
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