Viewers Weigh In on Jackson Yee’s First Solo Starring Role in The Longest Day In Chang’an

jackson yee longest day in chang an
The Longest Day in Chang’an 长安十二时辰 surprised us with its June 27 premiere on Youku and audiences are quite pleased with the show. The story based on the novel of the same name by Ma Boyong stars Lei Jiayin and Jackson YeeInterestingly enough, there was no promotion before the drama aired because it simply aired, like a silent bomb that was dropped on us. Even so, viewers are all raves after watching the first broadcast.  
Not counting projects that the TFBoys headlined together, The Longest Day in Chang’an is Jackson Yee’s first starring role. It was filmed even before the actor got into his college of choice, the Central Academy of Drama, to study acting. 

jackson yee longest day in chang an
Netizens have expressed their approval for the show saying that it is a high quality production with actors that are well suited for their roles.  Everything from the props to the costumes to the filming are good enough to be placed in a movie. Better known for his insane dancing skills, Jackson Yee seems to have found the perfect medium to showcase his other talents as he holds his own acting alongside veterans. His facial expressions and ability to convey emotions with his eyes are own point and his ability to deliver lines in a historical setting was also praised. 
While there are always those who think that Jackson’s acting still has room for improvement, the general consensus is that he did great for someone so young and someone who just played a lead role in a drama. With The Longest Day In Chang’an being well received by audiences, it is a welcome development for Jackson Yee after two of his projects, Legend of Youth and Better Days have all but been postponed.  
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