Unrequited Love cast visuals fail to impress some viewers

Unrequited Love cast visuals fail to impress some viewers
unrequited love zhao shunran zhu yan man zi
Ever looked forward for something so badly but end up disappointed when it finally comes?

Well, I guess fans of Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 might be feeling somewhere close to that zone. Those who have been earnestly waiting for the drama adaptation of the novel, which is a part of Ba Yue Chang An’s Zhenhua trilogy, don’t seem too happy after its premiere.

unrequited love zhu yan man zi
unrequited love Zhao Shunran
Comments such as the actor, Zhao Shunran who played the main lead, Sheng Huaianan, looked too ordinary that the kind of crush the female lead had for him was impossible to develop cropped up. Fans also mentioned how they don’t feel anything during the couple’s interactions. The female lead, Luo Zhi, who is portrayed by Zhu Yan Man Zi, doesn’t really give the “I’m-secretly-in love-with-you” kind of vibe that was intensely depicted in the novel. 

Currently, the drama has Douban ratings of 7.2, which is lower than its predecessors With You with ratings of 8.9 and My Huckleberry Friends with ratings of 8.7.
unrequited love

Considering the popularity of the novel, it is expected for the drama to receive some heavy critique although I personally did not expect the negativity for this. It does seem like the main concern of the viewers was the cast. For a youth drama, many thought that the cast looked quite mature. There are comments singling out leading lady Zhu Yan Man Zi when in fact, she is only in her mid-twenties. 

unrequited love

unrequited love
Nevertheless, fans were not all disappointed as there are others who have expressed their support for the drama and its cast. As it is, there’s always two sides of a coin, or in this case, two kinds of viewers. So, which side are you on? Furthermore, there’s another Unrequited Love starring Hu Yitian and Hu Bingqing based on the same story that finished filming last March. 

unrequited love
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