Sina Finance Apologises for Malicious Lin Chi-ling Article About Her Marriage

Sina Finance Apologises for Malicious Lin Chi-ling Article About Her Marriage
Lin Chi-ling married at 44
Celebrities are no stranger to drama even when there is no smoke and no fire. With the commercial viability and “click power” their names possess, it’s no wonder that they fall prey to media articles which are sometimes false, malicious, or unverified all for the sake of baiting Netizens and selling gossip rags. 

In what should have been the happiest period of Lin Chi-ling’s life, media outlet Sina Finance was lambasted for an article (done in poor taste) IMHO entitled “Why Lin Chi-ling’s Marriage Is a Failed IPO?” and how like a failed IPO, she wasn’t able to marry when her market value was at its highest peak.  Furthermore, the article also rather crudely says “ Lin Chi-ling is married. The 44 year old woman who’s been the subject of countless Asian men’s fantasies” and caused … let’s just say .. some corporeal reaction specific to males. 

Sina Finance apologizes for Lin Chi-ling article
Yuck. It feels gross, infuriating and disheartening to still read articles like this even after all that effort to educate people and the attention the #MeToo movement has brought to such kinds of intolerable language and behaviour.

Thankfully, Netizens have her back as they’ve taken to expressing their anger and dissatisfaction online for the malicious article. The post has since been taken down and the media outlet has issued an apology to the star. The publication also mentioned on its statement that they have fired the writer and editor responsible for the crass article.
Sina Finance apology Lin Chi-ling

Let’s hope publications and media outlets have learned their lesson and will think twice about publishing nasty things to sell. But let’s face it, I know you guys are all saying fat chance. All we can do is to continue to call out such unacceptable behavior (and language) to educate others and ensure they are held accountable. I sure hope the newlyweds won’t let this poor article spoil some of that newly married glow. In any case, worry not for Netizens have your back, Lin Chi-ling!

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