Show Lo and Grace Chow Dispel Third Party Rumors

Show Lo and Grace Chow Dispel Third Party Rumors
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Show Lo and online star Grace Chow (Zhou Yangqing) have been steadily dating for four years, but a few days ago, Show Lo found himself accused of two timing his girlfriend when a certain actress Yu Dameng was allegedly a third party in the relationship. 

According to Taiwan media, Yu Dameng claimed that she was dating a famous star (referring to Show Lo) in 2016 when she learned that he had a girlfriend. Heartbroken at first, she became determined to take the place of the girlfriend and even arranged for paparazzi to secretly take photos of her on a date with Show in hopes that their tryst would be found out. 

Although Show Lo and Zhou Yangqing have kept silent, it seems that they’ve chosen to show a united front in some way as they shared photos of the same drum kit to imply that they are together and unaffected by the rumors. 

Zhou Yangqing also posted a video of her downing three baskets in a row. Show Lo can be heard saying “wow” in awe of his girlfriend. There’s not even a wee bit of tension between the two… just love. Fans quickly backed the video as they comment, “well this serves as a response” and “they’re the sweetest, so stop spreading rumors!”

Similarly, Show Lo’s agency responded to the rumors to say that he was acquaintaned with Yu Dameng, but have not been in contact with her for years. They do wish her well though.

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