Ruby Lin Embraces Change with A New Summer ‘Do

Ruby Lin Embraces Change with A New Summer ‘Do
ruby lin bob
You know summer’s on the way when hemlines get shorter and clothes get skimpier. And as the days get longer, what better way to embrace warm summer days than with a new haircut preferably with an ice cold beverage on hand. 

ruby lin bob
Well, actress Ruby Lin has jumped on the short hair bandwagon this summer, showing off her freshly chopped locks on her social media account sporting a short chin length bob. I shall refrain from waxing rhetoric about ladies with enviable bone structure who can pull of short bobs, but doesn’t it look good on her? Some netizens say the new hairdo makes her look old but personally, I’m with the folks that said it makes her look (re)freshed and younger!

ruby lin long hair
The 43-year old actress, who’s been in the business since her breakthrough performance in My Fair Princess years ago, has always had long wavy locks for as long as I can remember so her new short bob is definitely a refreshing change. I mean, even for her confinement when new mums usually chop off their hair (for comfort usually), the actress kept her hair long and was photographed on her first work appearance after giving birth in a long pony tail.
Ruby Lin bob
Anyway, you know how ladies sometimes chop off their hair after a breakup to signify new beginnings? It seems the actress’ post scared some fans who “shipped” her and husband Wallace Huo into thinking that the post is an announcement of her divorcing her husband. The actress captioned her post “An ending signifies a new beginning” and I guess fans may have over analyzed this? I mean, it could really be just about hair ya know. 

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