Rainie Yang Reveals What She Saw in Boyfriend Li Ronghao

Rainie Yang Reveals What She Saw in Boyfriend Li Ronghao
Rainie Yang Li Ronghao
Love really doesn’t judge by appearance. Singers Rainie Yang and Li Ronghao have been together for 5 years and their relationship seems to get better and better. With such a strong love for each other, there are those who wonder what the beautiful Rainie Yang saw in Li Ronghao. If I’m going to be brutally honest, he isn’t exactly a looker like other celebrities and co-stars of Rainie from her many dramas.   

Rainie Yang Talks About Boyfriend Li Ronghao
On the show Heart Signal 心动的信号, Rainie shares, for the Nth time I assume, why she fell for Li Ronghao.  Rainie reveals that she didn’t pay much attention to Li Ronghao’s face that much.  Instead, what she notices first in a guy is his height and bone structure.  She also liked broad shoulders in a man, which Li Ronghao has.  

The most important thing however, is that Li Ronghao exhibited wisdom and a high emotional quotient or EQ as we call it.  Rainie seems to value Li Ronghao’s character more than his looks, overall.  Some netizens on the other hand, have said that “Li Ronghao’s eyes are small but very attractive” and “little eyes are very charming.”  

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