Lin Yun’s attempt to shield Zhou Jieqiong from dating rumors backfires

Lin Yun’s attempt to shield Zhou Jieqiong from dating rumors backfires
Lin Yun Zhou Jieqiong
We all need a friend who will stand by our side no matter what happens even if it doesn’t always work out. Former PRISTIN member Pinky Zhou Jieqiong (Kyulkyung) is lucky to have that kind of friend in Jelly Lin YunDating rumors surrounded Zhou Jieqiong and her previous mentee in Idol Producer, Cai Xukun, when they changed their avatars on social media to one where they were both wearing a checkered suit and having a similar pose. 

Zhou Jieqiong Cai Xukun dating rumors
Honestly, the avatar can just be a coincidence but it seems fans will see what they want to seeCai Xukun’s camp was quick to deny the gossip and said the singer is busy making music. 

Lin Yun Zhou Jieqiong friendship
Actress, Lin Yun, who is known to be friends with Zhou Jieqiong tried to help a friend. She posted an update on social media saying that her friend is quite busy doing her own thing like shopping, working out and pampering herself. She also posted photos of them together as proof. Aww, now that’s the kind of friend I need! 

Zhou Jieqiong Lin Yun shopping
What’s supposed to be a sweet gesture of friendship backfired when netizens started making fun of the two. Apparently, the store where they went shopping, as seen in Lin Yun’s update, was called out for selling fake goods. Lin Yun has since deleted the post. 

Lin Yun gym
Aww, all she did was shield her friend from the rumors and it went awry somehow, doing more damage than good. They’re still friendship goals though.

Lin Yun Zhou Jieqiong friends
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