Lin Chi-ling Shocks Everyone With Her Marriage Announcement

Lin Chi-ling Shocks Everyone With Her Marriage Announcement
Lin Chi-ling husband Akira (Ryohei Kurosawa)

In a surprise move this evening, Lin Chi-ling has successfully pulled out the rug from under our collective feet when she announced on her social media account that SHE’S MARRIED!

The 44-year-old model has always maintained that she’s happily single despite the never ending rumours cropping up here and there that she and ex-boyfriend Jerry Yan are getting back together. In fact, in a magazine interview earlier this year, Lin Chi-ling mentions that she was, at that point in her life, very happy. Adding that “I don’t think being single is a sin. And while single women are not married, it doesn’t mean that we are not happy now.” Is it a wonder then that tonight’s revelation was such a huge shocker that definitely caught the lot of us by surprise. With that said though, it’s very happy news indeed to learn that Lin Chi-ling’s finally found the happiness she deserves.

So who’s the lucky man that’s won her hand in marriage? I’ll give you a hint. It’s very definitely NOT Jerry Yan, who according to Taiwanese media, is still in Beijing busy filming for a project and equally as surprised by the news as the rest of us.

Lin Chi-ling married Akira (Ryohei Kurosawa)
Lin Chi-ling married Japanese actor/singer Ryohei Kurosawa, also known as AKIRA, from the all male J-Pop group EXILE / EXILE The Second. AKIRA also made his own marriage announcement on his Weibo. It seems the two met each other while working together in a play eight years ago and kept in touch. They began dating late last year, and their relationship has only blossomed since, ultimately leading them to appreciate that theirs is a partnership of a lifetime.

Lin Chi-ling married Akira
“I will  make you happy your entire lifetime.”

Raising our champagne glasses to toast the newly weds and a huge congratulations from us!

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