Jang Nara and Lee Sang Yoon Headline New Drama VIP

Jang Nara and Lee Sang Yoon Headline New Drama VIP
Practically Hallyu royalty, a fitting description actually after the HUGE success of her last drama The Last Empress, actress Jang Nara is not one to rest on her laurels as the 38 year old star is back on the small screens once again to bring you another drama, VIP. This week, SBS has finally confirmed the casting for its upcoming drama, with the OG Hallyu actress and Lee Sang Yoon signed up to play the lead characters

VIP is an office drama about a team dedicated to handling the top 1% VIP clients of a department store and the secrets of their clients they’re privy to. Imagine what sort of stories the (department store) walls can tell if only they can talk! In it, the suave looking Lee Sang Yoon plays Park Sung Joon, the head of the VIP department team. He is talented and highly ambitious. The role of his wife Na Jung Sun is portrayed by the ever ageless Jang Nara who also works in the same VIP department. Her sunny and cheerful exterior hides the fact that her life has fallen apart due to unforeseen events. Other actors who will be making appearances in the series include Lee Chung Ah, Pyo Ye Jin, Jung Joon Won, Shin Jae Ha, Kwak Sun Young and Lee Jae Won.

Maybe she’s really had a wee little sip from the fountain of youth and that’s the secret to her longevity in showbiz and her youthful appearance, but I feel like Jang Nara has been in the business since forever! It’s very inspiring to see that she’s steadfastly pushing her career forward and is still very active in making dramas for her fans all over the world. 

Catch Jang Nara and Lee Sang Yoon in VIP which is scheduled to air in autumn.

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