Jackson Yee Could Use Some Better Days as Film Is Postponed

Jackson Yee Could Use Some Better Days as Film Is Postponed
Poor Jackson Yee. As if things couldn’t get any worse, another one of his projects, the film Better Days with actress Zhou Dongyu gets pulled off the air just three days prior to hitting the silver screens. Earlier this year, the movie had to be pulled out of the official selection of the 2019 Berlin International Film Festival because “it was not ready in time”. And now just four months after, what could be the reason why the film is postponed yet again. 

Though the movie’s Weibo has a brief explanation citing the film’s overall production value and projected marketability as the reasons for the delay, as usual, speculations are rife about the cause, with censorship being the principal conjecture amongst Netizens.

Better Days is just one of his cancelled works and aside from the movie, two of his dramas suffered the same fate with Legend of Youth 热血青年 also pulled just three days prior to air date and The Longest Day in Changan 长安十二时辰 struck out with no premiere date in sight. *le sigh* A bit of a downer for audiences who are all eagerly awaiting the dramas / movie doncha think?  It’s like being dangled a carrot in front of your face and then having it withdrawn so suddenly. Meh. 

While delays and postponements are a normal thing in C-drama land, what are the odds that all three have the same actor in them? Poor Jackson Yee.  Here’s hoping better days are coming soon for Jackson and all of his projects FINALLY get the green light for airing.

Update: Surprise surprise, fans patiently waiting for Jackson Yee’s projects to air will be glad to find out that The Longest Day in Changan has finally premiered, and 12 episodes at that on Youku. Head on over for a weekend binge why dontcha. 

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