IU Receives A Special Surprise from Song Hye Kyo

IU Receives A Special Surprise from Song Hye Kyo
IU at the Hotel Del Luna Script Reading
Wow! Talk about girls supporting girls! 

Don’t you just love it when artists support other artists? It warms the cockles of my heart to read about this! In a show of support for fellow actress and singer IU, Hallyu superstar Song Hye Kyo sent over a coffee truck and food trucks to the set of IU’s latest drama Hotel del Lunafor the cast and crew to enjoy. On her Instagram account, IU shared some photos of the yummy spread together with a message to thank her senior, Song Hye Kyo for her thoughtful surprise. The Descendants of the Sun actress prepared coffee, beverages as well as some delicious looking shaved ices, together with favourites like tteokbokki, fish cakes, blood sausages and other yummy looking snacks to ensure the crew have good meals while shooting. 

Okay now who else is hungry like me after looking at the food photos.*groan*

Funnily enough, IU and Song Hye Kyo had actually never had the chance to work together in an acting project before. But Song Joong ki, the other half of the Song-Song pair, previously revealed in an interview that his wife is a big fan of the singer and both of them even attended IU’s concerts in 2017. Being a huge fan of Song Hye Kyo, I find it truly adorable to see her fangirling over the equally talented IU. It’s a moment that warms the heart of fans of both stars. 

IU plays the role of Jang Man Wol, the cursed CEO of Hotel del Luna in the drama. She has been forced to run the hotel as the CEO for 1000 years serving a clientele of ghosts and can only escape this fate when she finds another who’s committed a sin worse than her.

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