Growing Pains Tackles the Issue of an Unfilial Daughter

Growing Pains Tackles the Issue of an Unfilial Daughter
Growing Pains
Judging from the proliferation of family oriented dramas currently on the air like Over the Sea I Come To You and Growing Pains, as well as the mega success of the always trending series All is Well 都挺好 earlier this year, dramas depicting real life issues plaguing the traditional family unit is fast becoming a hot topic many viewers can relate to. In fact, Growing Pains starring Zhang Jiayi and Yan Ni has been topping charts on TV and online. It has just hit a new series high of 1.88% in CSM55 ratings as of last night. 

Growing Pains cdrama Zhang Jiayi

Growing Pains Yan Ni cdrama
Well earlier this week, the hashtag “Lin Miao Miao does not respect her parents (#林妙妙不尊重父)” has been making the rounds on social media after Miao Miao (portrayed by actress Zhao Jinmai) angrily confronts her father with her dissatisfaction regarding his job as a funeral director. The tension wrought scene around the dinner table has Miao Miao rudely demanding her father change careers and that his job is making her lose face amongst her school mates, thus igniting the hashtag.

Growing Pains Zhao Jinmai
I feel like a million hearts broke simultaneously across the country for her parents especially her dad after hearing his bratty daughter’s harsh words – I mean, Miao Miao was hardcore rude when she grabbed the food bowl away from her dad saying “You can’t eat, don’t touch it (the food)! Did you handle any dead bodies today, don’t touch the food!” 

Growing Pains Zhao Jinmai dinner scene
Ouchie my heart hurts especially when she said that in a really disgusted voice. Her poor dad. Well, momma Lin certainly didn’t take things sitting down though and gave her daughter a well deserved smack. After all, no one deserves that much vitriol especially a dad whose honest efforts and hard work put food on their table. I guess the moral of the story is, everybody deserves some R.E.S.P.E.C.T. *cue Aretha Franklin song* and that discrimination in any form is unacceptable!

Hmm I wonder what other controversial topics the drama will be throwing at us in the future. After all the Lins are just one family out of a couple in this series.

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