Fringe Benefits: Yang Mi’s Fondness for Fringe

Fringe Benefits: Yang Mi’s Fondness for Fringe

Those here who grew up with the dreaded “bowl cut”, please raise your hands. 

I dunno about you, but back in the good old days, hairstyles were pretty simple and kids all had either variations of an apple cut or a bowl cut . I got the DIY version of both and it was, obviously not a good look. You had to have the bone structure for a chin length bob and enough forehead real estate to house those bangs.

Actress Yang Mi is one of those people blessed with enviable bone structure to rock both a bob and some bangs. And lately, she’s been spotted on and off camera sporting different variations of the fringe. 

In her just concluded drama The Great Craftsman with Wallace Huo, the actress charmed audiences with some romantic side swept bangs and retro style rolled bangs reminiscent of the 40s. In Storm Eye, long face framing layers were the name of the game to give her a more serious look leading a team of national security agents. Then she was recently spotted once again sporting a full fringe whilst getting her measurements taken for a new wax figure in Madame Tussauds. And now, just in time for summer, her growing out ‘do has evolved once again into a long eye dusting style. Quite the chameleon, Yang Mi is.

You know how we sometimes crave a refresh when a new season rolls around? Well, do you think you’ll be one to follow in Yang Mi’s footsteps and change it up for the summer?

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