First stills of The World of Fantasy starring Fan Chengcheng and Cheng Xiao

spirit realm fantasy drama cast
Fan Chengcheng
The World of Fantasy (formerly Spirit Realm) 灵域 recently opened its doors for a a media visit and finally dropped stills of the cast starring Fan Chengcheng as Qin Lie, Cheng Xiao as Ling Yushi, Liu Yitong as Song Tingyu, Nie Zihao as Du Shaoyang, Ma Yueyue as Xie Jingxuan, Wang Yiming as Hua Yuxin and Ge Xinyi as Ling Xuanxuan. 

spirit realm fantasy drama cast
Cheng Xiao


I’m pretty sure that starring in your first ever drama project can be pretty daunting but musical artist Fan Chengcheng kept his cool and said that it’s not really nervousness he feels but interest. Fan Chengcheng describes his character as someone who started as a grassroots guy and slowly becomes rich. He said his character might become someone like Gemini Saga adorned in gold. Fan Chengcheng watched all five seasons of the anime and read parts of the novel too. 
spirit realm fantasy drama cast
Liu Yitong
Joining him in the lead role is another singer who has turned into acting. Cheng Xiao, plays the main character’s childhood best friend who has a crush on him. It’s quite a reunion for the two since Cheng Xiao was his mentor in the reality show, Chinese Produce 101Despite their former relationship, there’s no awkwardness between them since in private, they actually have a good friendship. It was actually Cheng Xiao who revealed to Fan Chengcheng that they will be starring in a drama together, although at the time, he brushed it off as a joke. 
spirit realm fantasy drama cast
Nie Zihao
The World of Fantasy is based on a novel of the same name by Ni Cang Tian 逆苍天 and follows the story of a young man who lost his memory and possesses what they call the Haven Fighting Race’s bloodline. It will be an adventure story as he waits for his bloodline’s awakening and his struggle to be strong. 
spirit realm fantasy drama cast
Ma Yueyue
Hmm, I’d definitely wait for the viewers reactions for this as other live action adaptations of fantasy novels in the past haven’t exactly had strong reception. Some fans may feel that casting is done based on popularity instead of talent. 
spirit realm fantasy drama cast
Wang Yiming
With a young post-90’s cast, leading man Fan Chengcheng is actually the youngest as he is born in 2000. Fan Chengcheng humbly said that since this is his first drama, he’s not really expecting a lot of encouragement, on contrary, he’s actually anticipates a lot of criticism which he will openly welcome so he can learn how to improve his acting skills. 
Let’s give these cast the benefit of the doubt and see how it turns out. 
spirit realm fantasy drama cast
Ge Xinyi
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