Deng Lun To Cameo in Skate into Love

Deng Lun To Cameo in Skate into Love
Deng Lun Ashes of Love Skate into Love
If you are a fan of xianxia romance, then chances are you’ve seen Ashes of Love and have become familiar with Deng Lunthe actor behind the fiery Immortal Phoenix. The drama’s producer Andy Liu Ning is working on his next project Skate Into Love 冰糖炖雪梨 which recently opened up for a media visit. Furthermore, Liu Ning shared a surprise casting announcement. 

ashes of love Yang Zi Deng Lun Andy Yang Zi
He wrote on social media, “Ashes of Love is still bringing home awards internationally, Skate into Love is also going to ‘battle’ soon. thank you @Deng Lun for helping out with your appearance in Skate into Love, for contributing to the three-part series of Mi Tang (蜜糖), let us continue to compose the chapters @AshesofLove @SkateintoLove @PerfectWorldLiuNingStudio.”

He further revealed that Deng Lun will take up the role of an ice god in Skate into Love. Hmm, quite an interesting twist from being the fire god. According to reports, Deng Lun has already arrived in Qingdao to begin filming but hold on… Did Andy Liu Ning just say three parts? If my math is correct, does this mean we’re having a third one?

skate into love media visit Janice Wu Steven Zhang
Skate into Love is a story about a skater girl who will come across their school’s ice hockey god. Albeit having a rough start, the two will soon fall in love and face trials together. The series stars Janice Wu and Steven Zhang.

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