Deng Lun Shares His Acting Process at the My True Friend Fan Meet

Deng Lun Shares His Acting Process at the My True Friend Fan Meet
After getting his big break in Ashes of Love, Deng Lun is back in the spotlight with not one but two dramas on the air with Investiture of the Gods and My True Friend

The charismatic actor who’s certainly done his fair share of crying scenes in the past recently appeared with co-stars Angelababy, Zhu Yilong and Xu Di the My True Friend fan meet. When asked how he prepares for emotional scenes and how long it takes him to get the tears flowing, Deng Lun says that he does indeed have a process that he goes through as an actor. 

At the start of his career, he had a very difficult time with crying scenes. He couldn’t find a way to cry. He would be desperate to squeeze out tears and he’d try to think of all of his unhappy memories but still couldn’t cry. These scenes became a hurdle for him to overcome. Yet, gradually with more experience, Deng Lun realized that crying is not a technique, rather, it is an emotion to be felt. 

He reiterates that there is not really any technique or specific way. One just has to believe and to be fully invested in the character and tears will naturally come out. He also doesn’t prepare for these kinds of scenes and even jokes that it’s impossible to prepare the night before and save up the tears for tomorrow’s shoot. 
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