Darren Wang claims that he resembles someone from Death Note

Darren Wang claims that he resembles someone from Death Note
Darren Wang
Don’t you just love it when your favorite actor isn’t afraid to be silly? These days people are quick to judge so most of the time, celebrities tend to act as decent as possible, whether on or off cam, and even on their own social media accounts for fear of being laughed at, but clearly, Darren Wang who is still known to me as the star of Our Times is different.

He recently posted an update on his social media account and said that he looks like one of the characters in the hit-anime Death Note. Naturally, the first character you might think of is Light Yagami, right? Or even maybe L? Those two are definitely handsome (especially in the Japanese movie adaptation) but apparently, he thought of Ryuk. 

Darren Wang Death Note Ryuk
If you need a quick refresher of who Ryuk is, he’s the shinigami (or death god) that gave Light the Death Note. He’s quite an antagonist in the story. He looks like a huge skeleton with big eyes, kinda scary if you ask me, so unless Darren Wang suddenly grows black wings and become unnaturally tall with pale gray skin and wants to satisfy his boredom by playing with mankind, then this comparison is just ridiculous. I guess the actor just wanted to mess with his fans and show his playful side. Whatever the reason is, I love it!

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