Charmaine Sheh Takes Another Villain Role in Yan Yun Tai

Charmaine Sheh Takes Another Villain Role in Yan Yun Tai
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There is no question that Charmaine Sheh is a talented and established actress having proven her merit in many number of Hong Kong productions. Last year, she blew everyone out of the water playing a villain for the first time in the Chinese drama Story of Yanxi Palace with some saying that they liked her more than leading lady Wu Jinyan

It seems that her recent success has encouraged Charmaine Sheh to go for similar roles that may not put her in the starring role, but gives her an opportunity to leave a lasting impression. In the historical drama Yan Yuntai 燕云台 Charmaine Sheh will once again play the tragic villainSet during the Liao Dynasty, Yan Yuntai stars Tiffany Tang Yan as the female lead Xiao Yanyan and Shawn Dou as the lead male Han Derang. Charmaine Sheh plays Xiao Hunian, Yanyan’s older sister who will be a thorn to her side.  

Xiao Hunian is a very capable military commander.  She marries the King of Liao who later becomes emperor.  After his death, it is Xiao Hunian who leads his army of 30,000 soldiers.  She falls in love with a man that her sister disapproves of due to his lowly status and he is then sent away. Xiao Hunian and her lover are reunited a year later but Hunian has become a different person, someone filled with hatred for her sister. 

With Charmaine bringing the character to life, fans are expecting an explosive performance and I’m almost sure that they won’t be disappointed.  

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