Cecilia Cheung’s former manager offers harsh words after actress was accused of lying

Cecilia Cheung’s former manager offers harsh words after actress was accused of lying
Cecilia Cheung
Cecilia Cheung’s appearance in a recent episode of Day Day Up seems to have done more bad than good as the actress came under fire for inconsistent statements that she made on the show that made her sound like a habitual liar. 

Cheung claimed that she often cooks meals for his sons, with her first son liking eastern cuisine and the second, western cuisine, but she couldn’t seem to answer exactly what dish they liked. In the same episode, Cheung claimed she has never eaten meat because she loves vegetables. Netizens dug up old videos of Cecilia enjoying big bites of meat on another show. 

Cecilia Cheung Tiffany Chen former mgr
It would seem that her former manager Tiffany Chen with whom she has had a falling out since 2015 caught wind of the reports as she weighed in with more criticism for the actress. Although she did not explicitly name Cheung, Chen’s every statement seems to be pertaining to her, pointing out how she does not even flinch when lying and that she can be considered “a pro in this field”.

Chen further expresses her thought on how “she’s [Cheung] so into lying that she doesn’t even notice those around her are already staring open-mouthed. It’s like these lies naturally come out of her mouth and doesn’t even cross her mind.” 

Chen also pointed out Cheung’s background as the probable reason for her undesirable character, saying how her lack of schooling and her poor family environment nurtured her lying habit. Chen mockingly adds that maybe her love for her children is still true and ends the post with a few tips on dealing with mental health as a last ridicule to Cheung’s “lying disorder”. Soon after the post went viral, Chen took it down from Weibo. Some netizens figure that she may have deleted due to public backlash. 

Update: On Jun 2, Cecilia Cheung seemingly reacted to the online attacks against her through a post on Instagram. She shared a Chinese idiom (人言可畏) about people’s words being frightening. 
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