Blowing in the Wind address complaints from fans of the anime Run with the Wind

Blowing in the Wind address complaints from fans of the anime Run with the Wind
Blowing in the Wind Xing Zhaolin
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Or in this case, a fan scorned.

Blowing in the Wind 强风吹拂 stars Xing Zhaolin and Eleanor Lee as the main leads in a coming of age drama that follows the friendship of the members of a mountaineering club as they encounter romance, adventures and rebuild broken dreams. Sounds interesting, right?

Blowing in the Wind Eleanor Lee
However, fans of the Japanese novel Run with the Wind and its many adaptations started complaining because of the similarity in title between the two. Although it is not apparent to English readers, the Chinese title for both (强风吹拂) are exactly the same

More recently, Run with the Wind was adapted into an anime in October 2018 while Blowing in the Wind was filmed and wrapped earlier in the same year. Blowing in the Wind drew ire for using the same title to get immediate recognition. In response to the uproar, Blowing in the Wind has released an official statement. They clarified that although both have the same title and fall under the same genre, sports, the story is different. 

Run with the Wind
On the other hand, the anime, which is based on a novel written by Shion Miura in 2006, is about an entirely different sport which is running. It tells the story of a former elite runner in high school that is chased for stealing food and was helped by another student. He is then recruited by the same student to be a member of a marathon club. 

Blowing in the Wind Nonkul
Blowing in the Wind is about the mountaineering club. Nonetheless, makers of the drama acknowledge that the anime is promoting the importance of teamwork and fighting spirit, and theirs is about showcasing the youth and the energy they possess.

Blowing in the Wind
They respect the good production quality of the anime but stress that during the entire promotion of the drama, they have never compared their work to the anime and have never used it to gain attention.

Blowing in the Wind

Hmm. How about giving them the benefit of the doubt? Maybe they didn’t think that having the same title may trigger a nerve, after all, this isn’t the first instance of title sharing. 

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